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Problem installing USB driver for NI USB-6008

I have NI DAQmx v 7.5 , and when I plug my USB drive into my computer, it says it recognizes new hardware and tries to install it using the wizard, but is unable to. The computer says "Windows could not load the installer for the device. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance" . I was able to run the device just fine once, then I installed LabView 6.0 and rebooted my computer and this started hapenning. Also, on my other computer I also have NI DAQmx v 7.5 (also have LabView 6.0 installed), and for that program I am not even able to see "NI DAQmx Devices" under "Devices and Interfaces", let alone have my device installed. I've looked all over this site for help and couldn't find anything. Thanks.
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Hello julenka,

One question that comes to mind is if this device has ever been used with NI-DAQmx Base (perhaps it was used on a Mac or Linux previously?).  If so, the driver probably needs to be switched back to NI-DAQmx as detailed in this knowledgebase

The first computer sounds like it may have a corrupt driver installation.  You can fix this by uninstalling NI-DAQmx 7.5 and reinstalling it.  If you installed it from a CD, I recommend downloading it from our website. 

On another note, are you aware that NI-DAQmx does not support LabVIEW 6.0?  You need LabVIEW 7.0 or above to program the USB-6009. 
Try my two suggestions and get back to us with any additional problems or questions.
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