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Ping Compact DAQ Chassis

Hello All,


I am working on a LabVIEW application where my PC may be connected to any one of several "machines".

Each machine has its own cDAQ chassis within it.


In order for my application to determine which machine it is connected to, I was planning on polling for all available cDAQ chassis to determine their serial numbers, then comparing numbers from an external table to determine which machine I am connected to.


However, from what I can tell when I poll for all available chassis within DAQmx, I get back all possible configured chassis, not just the one(s) currently reserved to my PC.


Is there any way around this?  My next thought would be to get the IP addresses from DAQmx (since they are all static in this case) and try to ping each one to find which are connected.  Is there an easier way to do this?


Thanks for your help,



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Hi GregAA,


Are these machines other PCs, or are the cDAQ chassis (I imagine a 9184 or 9188) just connected to a router on the network? How do you poll for serial numbers? Could you clarify what mean by "possible configured chassis"?



Rahul B.
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The "machines" consist of just cDAQ chassis.

I use the DAQmx Device node within LabVIEW to poll each chassis for its Serial Number.


When I refer to "all configured chassis" I am referring to each chassis that appears in MAX.

My original assumption was that only currently connected devices appear in MAX, but I have found that MAX shows all devices that ever have been connected to the PC.


Is there a way to filter the list of devices listed in MAX such that only devices currently connected are shown?

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