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PXI-6254 external start trigger (Error -200452)

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PXI-6254 external start trigger (Error -200452)



I have a PXI-6254 that I need to trigger with an external signal so it is synchronised with another device, however whichever source I tell it to use as a trigger (any PFI, PXI_Trig or the PXI_Star line), LabVIEW tells me "Error -200452 ... Specified property is not supported by the device or is not applicable to the task." As an example, I'm trying to do a digital output using the "Write Dig Chan-Int Clk-Dig" example. 


Is it really the case that this device can't be triggered with an external signal? The manual for this device ( implies that it can be triggered externally, and if it can, what am I doing wrong?




Simon Coop

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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: PXI-6254 external start trigger (Error -200452)

Hello Simon, 


The error you are running into as well as the solution is summarized by the following section in the M Series User Manual page 6-3.





Izzy O.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments



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Re: PXI-6254 external start trigger (Error -200452)

Hi Izzy,


Thanks for your response. 


I would just like to point out then that the 625x specifications manual I referred to ( is wrong. On page 9 under "External Digital Triggers" it says "Source: any PFI, RTSI, PXI_TRIG, PXI_STAR." It then says that these are valid triggers for the digital and analogue input and output sample clocks. 

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