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PWM Current Measurement

I want to measure current for a small DC motor driven with a PWM signal. Working voltages are less than 2 volts and expected current is less than 1 amp. I have a M series 6233. I am using a shunt to measure my current and am feeding it into two analog inputs. I need to convert the PWM pulses into an analog wave to display on a graph. The net question is how do I convert PWM pulses into an analog wave form?


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What programming language are you using? If it's LabVIEW, then selecting multiple points to read with the DAQ Assistant or a DAQmx Read set for a waveform and 1 channel/n samples is what you should do.
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Thank you for your response.


I am using Labview. And I am reading in the voltage drop across my shunt. I do the math in Labview and convert the shunt voltage to current and display that result. This provides me with a wave form that follows the PWM voltage supplied to the motor. I need to have an analog signal as I have a few crossovers to evaluate between current and voltage.



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From your description, you do have an analog signal. Please attach an image of the block diagram and front panel.
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