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I am reading a analog signal and need to program a PLL circuit inside LabView. Is there an example for that?
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Hello Jeferson, The online Example Program Database on the National Instruments Developer Zone has a few programs that should help you out with programming an application involving a Phase Lock Loop (PLL).  The following program jumped out at me as a very simple implementation of a PLL alorithm in LabVIEW.  It uses simulated data, but can probably be adapted to work with your acquired data.  Note - This example has not been tested by National Instruments, and we take no responsibility for its correctness or operation.

Developer Zone Example: PLL Demo

Another example program that also might be helpful is the following.  It is intended to be used with the Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) line of Modular Instrument DAQ devices, but still may prove useful.  

Developer Zone Example: Multi Channel Count Lock-In Amplifier with DAQmx

You can search for more similar examples by going to  I hope this helps!

 Travis Gorkin
 Applications Engineering
 National Instruments
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