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PCIe 6363 with BNC-2111

I have two quick questions:


1)  Is the BNC-2111 compatible with the PCIe-6363..  Although the PCIe spec page lists the BNC-2111 as a possible accessory, the BNC-2111 manual doesn't contain any info on the physical connection with a 6363(that I can see).


2) Will the combination of BNC-2111 and PCIe-6363 allow me to accurately measure a freq of 190476Hz. Right now I'm musing the SCB-68 alpha to generate an AO(square wave) thats wired to an SCB-68A AI.   Using DAQmx Express VIs to display the wave, then Get Frequency from the wave form.   Ultimately, I'll be using these devices to perfom an OSCAL function, and I need to be able to measure a frequency of 190476Hz(+/- 300Hz).   Right now I question the accuracy of the AI wave to Freq sequence that has to be used with the SCB-68A.  Could be a grounding issue but not sure yet.    Based on what I'm experiencing, the PCIe does not support direct frequency reads if using the SCB-68A.  Is this correct?    

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Hello svacek,


To answer your questions:

  • Yes, the BCN-2111 is compatible with the PCIe6363
  • Yes, the PCIe doesn’t support direct frequency reads with the SCB-68A. Here is the manual with for the PCIe 6363.


Does this help?

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