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PCI-6602 Failed +5V Supply Pin

Brief description: I have a PCI-6602 that is wired to a part that speaks in SENT protocol. The part requires a 5V pull up but all of a recently the 5V pin is now showing 0V. Power has been cycles and the NI software is telling me that the communication with the board has no problems. Further inspection of the fuse is showing me no continuity and a high resistance in the mega ohms after letting the board rest outside of the PC for some time. Any information about the type of fuse for replacement or suggestions about what I should do to get this board working again would be helpful.

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Looking in the manual on page 40, this should be a self-resetting fuse. Are you measuring on the pins of the 6602 or are you going through a breakout? Make sure you reference the 5V signal to DGND.


Additional information on the fuse, found here.


If that's not the case I would recommend calling NI and talking to them about a repair on the board. If you would rather replace it yourself you will have to ask for the PN for the fuse, as it doesn't seem to be listed online. If you do opt to send a damaged board (if it is damaged) to NI the instructions are here.

Aaron W.
National Instruments
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