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PCI-6289 Task generation timing

I am new to NI so please bear with me.  The hardware is as above, and I am using CVI for my code.

1- The device I am monitor is runing on a 32KHz clock. 

2- I create a task to monitor one of the device output pulse which will happen upon sending a trigger command.  I used one of the AI of the DAQ that continously sample the device output at 100000Hz and 1000 samples per channel.

3- When the device is triggerred it will send out a pulse that can be programmable to last between 10us to 120us.

4- Upon detect the the rising edge of the pulse (which I am able to detect consistently) I generate a DC voltage using one of the AO of the DAQ, measure this output using another AI of the DAQ and then turn off the AO (programmed it back to 0 output)  as soon as the pulse is expired (programable pulse width as stated above in #3)


My quesiton is this: is the DAQ timing will be fast enough to perform all the tasks in #4 within the pulse width that specified?  If you also kindly point me to where I can find the answer how long a task will take for it operation I would appreciate that very much.


My CVI is runing on a Windows 7 machine, 64 bits with 3.16GHz processor

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use elapsed time vi to check this 

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I am using cvi though

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