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PCI-6024E Not finding driver after NIDAQ Software Installation

I have a PCI-6024E Data Aquisition Card installed & on startup, windows asks for the driver.

I have installed NIDAQ 7.0 as this is the correct driver for my version of windows but the card still asks for driver location.


No inf file on the PC will satisfy the card so I am either missing something or the card is faulty, although the fact it is asking for the driver makes me hope it is not.


Any assistance would be appreciatted as I am a novice to these systems.

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Hi BamBam,

what version of Windows are you using?

Did you try changing the PCI slot?

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Thanks for replying.


I am running Windows 98 as the dyno software uses 98.

I have changed PCI slots & reloaded several versions of the software compatible to Win 98 with no joy.

I tried the card alone in a Windows XP machine with NIDAQ 7.0 & it still didn't find the driver.


Is there an inf or sys file i can try independantly ?

Thanks for any advice

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And are you sure you need the NI-DAQ and not NI-DAQmx driver?

From what I know the newest DAQmx compatible with Win98 is 7.1 -

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Can you provide screenshots of the message that asks for the driver and of the list of hardware in Device Manager?

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I have installed NIDAQ 7.1 with no change, still requests drivers on startup.

It does not show any cards without drivers in device manager & is not specific whan asking for drivers.

Just saying PCICard installed as per attached screen shot. (It is the only PCI card in the machine)


I could try the card alone in a Windows 7 machine with a later version of NIDAQ but I'm not sure that would help.

I obviously don't have a spare card to try & I am hesitant to buy one until I am sure it is the problem.



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Could you verify that you are using DAQmx 7.1 and not Traditional NI-DAQ 7.1?

Dale S.
RF Systems Engineer - NI
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I am using NIDAQmx 7.1 & again to try to illiminate the PC as the cause, I have also tried the card alone in a newer XP machine with NIDAQmx 7.1 installed but still the card finds no driver after installation reboot, attached is a screen shot of the device manager in XP.


I don't know the .inf file the card is after to point it towards it although I shouldn't have to.


Thoughts ?????

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