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PCI-6024 support

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I've unearthed a PCI-6024 DAQ card, which gave good service in the past and would just right for a new job I've got.  However, the PC I used it in before has long gone and I'll need to install it in a new PC.  

Do you still support this old card and can I get drivers for it on Windows 10?


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In this case, looking into the latest driver would be a solution.

The latest is DAQmx 19.5. According to readme, it supports PCI-6024E but be careful, 64bit support is not provided.

NI-DAQmx 19.5 Readme

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I can't find any mention of 6024 in the readme, but it sounds as though "32 bit only" kills it off.

Thanks for your help.

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