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NI PCI-6010 Unknown can't find drivers

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Sorry for such a simple question.


We have a PCI-6010 in a Windows 7 machine.  Running DAQ MAX v5.5.0f0.  Device manager sees it as an unknown device.  DAQ MAX sees it as "Windows does not have a driver associated with your device"   The guy that put it in said it installed perfectly.  Since then he installed a USB 3.0 PCI express card.  I have tried reloading the driver in all the ways I have ever done it in the past (it doesn't ever find the drivers even on the Driver DVD) and it still is not recognised.


Can anyone point out the missing piece of the puzzle?




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The version of MAX is irrelevant. You need to install DAQmx and if you do install it, provide the version number if you continue to have problems.
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Thanks Dennis,


I installed DAQmx and the PCI-6010 is all there.


Presumably when he said it was installed, it wasn't. 


I may have finally learnt the difference between MAX and DAQmx.


I would have thought DAQmx would be installed when they installed LabVIEW on this machine. 


Sorry for wasting your time.



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