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NI 9214- Understand calibration

I would be very thankful if someone can help me.


I have a NI 9214 with an NI cDAQ 9188 .

I made a VI to read analog input- thermocouple. ( similar to Thermocouple-  SW Timed Input from examples)


All I want is to read some values, ( in the same time I measure them with a normal thermometer) and then say 'this ' corresponds to x and 'this' corresponds to y. And so I will have a kind of 'calibrated 'device.

I don't want to do the calibration from the calibration manual because I have no Fluke 5200A/5700 device.

I know how to do that in NI MAX, but it doesn't help me because I want the calibration to be applied when I run my VI.

I have also read about Custom Scale ,but I am not sure how should I use it ( as I said, I want to simply read 2 values and associate them to real ones taken with another thermometer.)




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Hi itab,


You can still use the Calibration method you carry out in MAX with VIs in LabVIEW. Using the method explained in the link below the Calibration is applied to the DAQmx Task:


You can then use the DAQmx Task you have created in MAX from LabVIEW as explained here:


Hope this helps with what you are trying to achieve,


Best regards,


Joe P
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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