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NI 6212 Analog Input Deadband and Noise

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I seem to be getting constant deadband readings of 5ms at 60 Hz for all the analog input channels. I have attached VI used and a picture showing the deadband. The input is a function generator connected directly to the NI 6212. This seems to be only an issue for NI 6212 as using the same setup with NI 6009, a perfect sine wave was shown. So far I tested 2 NI 6212s and 1 NI 6009, but all the 6212s has deadbands. What is going on?


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  1. Please share the VI in an older version than 2020, most folks don't have the latest version
  2. DAQ Assistant is a quick way to get started and do not expect to work perfectly. Would recommend you to use one of the shipping examples to perform the same and check if the issue is still present.



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It appears that the issue was with noise created or not filtered out by the power supply to the laptop I was using. It was strange seeing the signals be completely normal for USB-6009 but not for USB-6212. Just disconnecting the charger was enough to solve it.




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