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Multi Digital & Analog Outputs - CompactDAQ integrated Build

Hello Everyone,


I require your help to come up with a build that actually makes sense. This is the first time I attempt it so please forgive me if the build you'll find attached seems "odd".


First of all, allow me to explain the purpose of the build. I want to generate digital and analog signals.


Some signals must be generated simultaneously, be it digital or analog. 

I require 16 digital output signals, 15 "Voltage" analog output signals, and 3 current analog output signals.

For the digital signals, they must be able to shift from 0 to 1 states in a matter of 200 micro seconds maximum. (What I'm trying to say is that the time interval between the time from which I send a shifting command and the moment it actually shifts for real must be less or equal to 200 microseconds)

The output range of the digital signals must be between -3V and +5V for the "0" state and between +11 and +30V for the "1" state.



For the analog signals, the time interval between two "sample" values must be less or equal to 200 micro seconds.

I want to be able to output either sine wave signals or arbitrary signals by mean of array datas.

The voltage outputs must be comprise between + or - 10Vmax.

The current outputs must be comprise between 4 to 20mA.


Most signals must be able to be generated simultaneously on demand. I emphasize on this particular point because the build I came up with consists in a cDAQ system chassis that will be connected via USB. That is why I'm concerned.


An operation of signal generation should last for about 10 to 20 seconds. The whole process should eventually be integrated in a while loop so as not to restart the whole program everysingle time.


I wish to create my signal generation program using the usual Labview Development system. I may have to use an old version of Labview. I do not know yet which one it is, but if you could tell me which oldest Labview version can allow me to work with the build I came with,I would very much appreciate it, this could possibly spare me the cost of buying the 2018 version.


To be honest with you, the build seems to make sense to me, but for some reason, there might be something missing. That is why I ask your help. 


Thank you very much.

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Hello GEintern,


Is the linked document a quote provided by National Instruments?

If yes, I would advise you to trust them!

If not, you can contact them as they will help you with pleasure.


Have a nice day.



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