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Multi Channel Analog input read problem

We have a problem with the device, PCL 812PG, we want to use this card for data acquisition in Labview. We want to read multiple analog inputs at the same time. While in Advantech device manager, we can do this, all channels can be read simultaneously. However, while in Labview the channels show the same value, it is like the value of one gets copied to the other channels.
We use the SlowAI functions while doing these readings, is that the problem?
Also we inspected that, when we open a device and get a reading while the other channels are closed, we can get correct values. I mean, if we create delays between channel open-close process, we can read all the channels without a problem. If the channels are open in Labview at the same time, all channels show same values.
I am also sending an example code, any help will be appreciated.
The one labeled “does not work” reads at the same time with the code given, the other one that works has delay. 
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Hi ferro44,


What driver are you using with LabVIEW to communicate with your PCL 812PG? 


Also can you please attach snippets of your code or the whole vi? It is a little hard to see what is going on with the pictures. 


How to Use VI Snippets



Jared T. 

Applications Engineer

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Hello Mr. Jared

I am using Labview DAQ Driver Tool. I downloaded it from adventech website. I added the vi file. This code not working.


Best Regards Ferhat

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