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Linux, Python and usb-6351 DAQ



Does anyone have any idea how I could control the usb-6351 DAQ through python and Linux? Are there drivers available for Linux? Any libraries/ wrappers for Python. It seems that information is scarce on this topic.


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Hey eshafer!


Its great to hear you are using Linux with Python with hardware from NI, and you are correct there are scarce info about this, but I can tell you something,


Our latest version of DAQmx Base for Linux is 15.0, this driver only supports certain hardware not all! Unfortunately, the USB you have is not supported in this platform you can see it in the read me file of DAQmx Base:


Also, DAQmx Base is not supported on all Lynux OS, you can also review this on the README file.


Nevertheless we do have python examples available on the web which are:


Hope this info is helpful!


-Andrea G

National Instruments


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