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I just recently obtained a set of DC-SE 2000 series LVDTs, Does anyone have any advice on what hardware and software works well with these LVDTs? I’m looking to get a data acquisition system that is compatible with windows 7. I’ve heard good thing about LabView for a software package, also I was recommended to get an AD converter with USB capabilities. Any insight on this matter would be helpful in getting me up and running.



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Hello Dustercell,


This sensor requires a power supply, are you going to use an external power supply? As for the output, there are plenty of USB DAQ devices that can measure in a range of +/-10 V. Another thing that would be helpful is how many sensors are you going to use? That can help you narrow down how many channels you actually need.


Some devices do have signal conditioning for LVDTs, others will need you to convert from volts programmatically. In the software topic, you would need LabVIEW and DAQmx, which is the driver for NI’s data acquisition devices. It can be downloaded from our website, and both are compatible with Windows 7. 

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