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Inserting array of data into sql

Here i'm sending array of data into sql db. I'm facing a error 91, i don't know to deal with that error.

I have succeed in passing one value to db, from that i come to know there is no problem between my database and labview communication. i have to send bulk of array values into db . I tried lot to get result but i failed. I attached my vi ,i hope that will provide more details about the problem.

I'm new to LabVIEW please help me to get the result.

Thanks in advance

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Please note that your VI does not open in the old version of LabView I have on this PC, so I could be completely wrong here:


By "sql db" do you mean a Microsoft SQL Server database, or something else?


Many database engines do not have a native "Array" type. You have, roughly, INT, FLOAT, CHAR, VARCHAR and BLOB (Binary Large OBject). Unless your database engine supports arrays, and the database table schema defines an array, assuming you are using DB Tools Insert Data VI, it can only insert one row at a time. If the data input wire to the function contains an array it cannot automatically iterate the array, inserting a new row for each array element.


Basically, what is your database expecting? Can it accept a complete array in a single row of a table?

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First of all thanks for you response, i'm here using Microsoft sql DB, now i'm little bit solved the issue, now i able to insert the data into db but i have confusion in that, how to set time limit for insert.

Here i have to use two time limit section one for data acquisition and another one for data insertion into db.

I'm doing daq for 1 second once and i have to insert data into database for 5 min once. If both function runs separately there is no issue but on combing both i'm facing a isssue like daq stops after first execution but last data is inserted into db at random speed into sql database.

Please help me to solve this .

Thanks in advance

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