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Hyperterm "Transfer Send Text File" command in LabVIEW

May I request vi where in I can download a certain hex file (.hex).
Currently our procedure using is using hyperterminal.
we start with opening the hyperterminal then we go to "Transfer"
then "Send Text File... " and then browse and load that particular hex file.
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Hi Kabo,

To send a hex file across serial, you would need to read the file into LabVIEW, convert it into an ASCII format, break the file into manageable chunks, and then send it piece by piece to the other computer.  On the other computer, you would need to continuously monitor for incoming strings, concatenate the strings, convert it to a hex format, and export it to a file.

Is there a particular reason that you are trying to do this via serial?  It would be much easier to send files across ethernet, and can be done with or without a hub.

If you are dead set on sending files across across a serial cable, you might want to take a look at some similar forums: Serial File Transfer & Call Hyperterminal in LabVIEW

I hope this helps you get started.

Lauren L.

Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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