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How to know what NI-DAQmx functions and/or parameters are supported by a device

I've been trying to use a code example for generating an analog output with the USB-6009 device and having trouble. I would try to set the generation for continuous and at a rate of 2000 pts/s and would get error messages. I even used the DAQ Assistant, selected continuous for the type, and it gave the same error messages. I understand now that the USB-6009 cannot generate a continuous waveform, and that's why I was getting the error messages. My question is whether a matrix or chart exists that shows which NI-DAQmx functions work with given devices. In this context, I go to the library to select a function, and have no idea if it will be supported by my device or not. The device documentation only says "All updates of analog output channels are software-timed"; to someone without a lot of experience, that doesn't stand out as "the device does not support continuous generation, your application controls all changes". That said, I would think that even someone with a lot of experience could benefit from a matrix of which DAQmx functions are supported by a given device. Seems that it would be in documentation for the device. Does such a listing for a given device exist?

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This is related to the question that asked below, regarding which devices support  NI-DAQmx Trigger. You would think that this information would be readily available since it is essential for deciding which product to purchase. 

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I'm not sure that listing DAQmx function names would be any clearer to a beginner than what is already there in the product descriptions. In your example, the descriptions do list trigger options - digital, analog, none. And how would you list the DAQmx functions? LabVIEW function names, c function names, .NET names? I'm not saying it couldn't be done, it just would be a pretty large undertaking.
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You are making the problem sound a more difficult than it is. Everything is secondardy to the DAQmx function list. I would not be that difficult to put together an spreadsheet listing what is and isn't supported for a given piece of hardware.


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There are hundreds and hundreds of DAQmx functions. How is a description that a device supports a digital edge trigger more complex? I'll agree that a description of 'software timed' could use a couple more words but a list of the actual DAQmx function names would really require the potential buyer to install DAQmx and its help files first. Any confusion about abilities can also be easily done with a call to NI or the local sales engineer.
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For experienced users that already have the software such as LabVIEW, I think it's fairly common to first create a simulated device in MAX. I certainly do after reading the specs and manual. The examples can be limited to specific hardware and this also helps with my purchasing decisions. Perhaps a link to a tutorial on the product page would help.
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One last comment. You should really post to the idea exchange. That's where it should be discussed and get it voted on.
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