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How to control a device that need high voltage(>10V) and high current(2~5A) by crio module?



I'm using a CompactRIO to monitor some sensors of temperature and pressure.

Now I need to control a pump and some fans.

After my testing, the pump works from 10V(0%) to 24V(100%), and the fans works from 0V(0%) to 12V(0%).

As a result, I wonder if I need an analog output module to control these devices.

However all the C-series modules seems not to be applicable for my case.

Could someone give me any suggestion how to control these kind of devices?

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The thing is called an amplifier.

Some fans accept a PWM as an control input, same with the certain pumps.

Since it's a common task to control such units with 'standard' output (PWM, 20mA,10V)  ask the vendor or the devices what amplifier they recommend.


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Hi Henrik Volkers,


I wonder if I should find some programmable power supply to control them ~~

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