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How to add waveforms

Hello I need a structure, that will allow me to generate a signal that will consist from 1 up to 5 sine waves. I am trying to build it on the case structure. I attach this what I have done by now. And I don't know how to add sine waves that were generated with Sine Maybe someone can help me. I am using Labview 6.1.
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If what you're trying to do is to simply create a single waveform that is the result of the addition of one or more sine waves, you just have to wire the inputs of the add function (or the compound arithmetic function) to the outputs of the bundle functions and wire the output of the add function to the ouput tunnel. If you want is to create up to five separate sine waves, then use the build array function.
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Thank You, I haven't thought that was so easy ;))).

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