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How can I set start point on Waveform Graph?

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I am using an PCI-6220 device and are reading analog signal from ai15.

I am trying to read data at an manual set trigger point to show up on the Waveform Graph.


How can I do that?


The Device is reading continuous at samples 40k and rate at 200k.

From the 40k samples I want it to start showing data from a set trigger point and show the rest of the data on the Waveform Graph.


The "Trigger & Gate" vi found under Signal Processing Works but I have to reopen and edit trigger point everytime I want it to start at an different Place. I want to be able to change it using an knob.

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You might want to post your actual VI if you want any real help.


Do you want the DAQ to trigger at specific voltage?  Or do you just want to grab a bunch of data and post process it?

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I was able to get it working, I think.

It shows 20k of the 40k data on screen. dont need more than that.



I am working on making the trigger voltage also show on the waveform as an cursor.

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