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How can I enable 5v output of USB-6009?

I use USB-6009 with Simulink.


But I couldn't get 5v power from device.


Is there any condition or command to enable this 5v power output?

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Hi Hyon Lim


Thanks for your post. I have a couple of ideas and questions so I can figure out why your not getting an output of 5V.


What type of load (if any) do you have connected to the digital output lines and the +5V line?  If the load draws too much current from either/any of the lines then the output logic level will start to drop below 5V. Are you using the device in push-pull (3.3V) or open collector (5V) mode?  Also, do you have the load connected when the device is powered up?


Try measuring your +5 V pin on your analog input line. What voltage do you read out?



Many thanks for using the NI forums and I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards


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National Instruments UK
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