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Help with connecting omega PX309 pressure transducers to OMB-DAQ-56

I am trying to connect 2 PX309-V050G5V pressure transducers to an Omega OMB-DAQ-56 box, but I don't know how best to wire them. There's a wiring diagram from Omega for an older pressure transducer similar to the 309 series: , as well as a data sheet on the 309 series that shows what each color wire represents as well as suggested meters: 

The wiring diagram shows the third white wire being wired into a meter and then wired back onto the black wire, but my question is, do I really need to purchase a meter, or can I just insert the black and white wire into the same terminal in the DAQ box? The lab that I'm performing my experiment at doesn't own any kind of meter, so we would need to buy one. I'd rather not deal with having to wait like 6 weeks for a meter to get shipped to us if I don't really need one to correctly wire up the transducers into the DAQ box.


Here's the manual for the DAQ box I'm using: 


Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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This is like posting an Android question on an Apple discussion forum or vice versa just because both are phones used to make calls.

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