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Generating voltage on a PCI-6703


I am trying to generate a voltage from a PCI-6703 board. I am using Visual Basic and in examples there is a method AOChannels.VreateVoltageChannel(physicalChannel, ...)

I am wondering what the string physicalChannel should contain. In the example it contains "dev1/ao0"
 where dev1 is the device and ao0 is channel (Analog Out Channel 0). however dev1 on my computer corresponds to my PCI-6509 board not my PCI-6703 board... And it's only the 6509 that has a real "name" in Measurement & Automation. It can be renamed and such, but the 6703 board cannot, it just says Device 1.
 What should i write in the string to be able to, for example, generate voltage on channel 0 on my 6703 board?

Thanks in advance!

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The device string NI-DAQmx uses for the device is in MAX under the NI-DAQmx Devices folder, next to the device, in quotes.  In the system below, the name of the PCI-6713 is: Dev3.  So the channel string for analog output channel 0 of the 6713 in this system would be "Dev3/ao0".
-Alan A.

Message Edited by Alan [DE] on 02-27-2006 03:30 PM

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Thanks Alan, but the problem is that the device does not show up under the "NI-DAQmx Devices", only under "Traditional DAQ Devices" and does not have a name... But according to support that problem will be fixed when I upgrade to version 8.0 of NI-DAQmx, so in around 500 Mb of download I will know if it works... 🙂

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That's correct.  Upgrading NI-DAQmx will fix this problem.  Both of your devices are supported by NI-DAQmx 8.0.  FYI - This page is very helpful for issues of this nature:  Data Acquisition (DAQ) Installation/Configuration Troubleshooter
-Alan A.
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