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Generating pulses in DAQ-USB-6259



Am student working on a stimulation project. For this, i need to generate a single pulse or sometimes pulse train. The following are the requirements


*Need to control the polarity of the pulse (High pulse or low pulse)

*Need to control the timing of the pulse i.e. pulse width

*Need to have amplitude control ( i.e. vary the amplitude when required)


I am using a NI-DAQ-USB 6259, which has 4 Analog outputs. I intend to use one of the outputs for the same.


I came across this example but i am not able to understand its controls.


I dont know much about labview and a novice in Labview. Could not get much idea from the block-diagram in the above given VI.


Please help me with respect to this. Will the above given VI satisfy my requirements or should i modify it??






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I don't think anyone will help you, if you don't help yourself.

You should start from LabVIEW tutorial:

Good luck!

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Thanks for the tutorial link, KateB.


I understand the need for familiarising myself with labview environment first.Humm... a bit short of time because this requirement was added late. Thats the reason i was just searching for VI's in net that would fit the requirement directly.


Anyway, now that i have got a link for the tutorials, would definitely go through these and come back in case of any queries.

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