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Error 50103

Error 50103

I am using one DAQ assistant for analog inputs and one DAQ assistant for digital outputs in a single while loop as I need to do that and it gives me an error 50103. Also it is not able to connect my output to DAQ output assistant.
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Re: Error 50103


I found some information among th KBs regarding your error:
This error is likely caused when you have at least one DAQ Assistant Express VI configured for single point acquisition (acquire 1 sample). One of the inputs to that VI is labeled Stop. If True, this input stops the task and releases device resources when the Express VI completes execution. For single point input/output (I/O), wiring False to this input optimizes performance, but does not release the device resources. Thus, if you try to perform any further acquisition with that same DAQ device, you receive this error, which correctly states that the specified resource is reserved. To avoid this error, be sure to pass a True to the Stop input on the last iteration of your loop.
From KB: 2

I downloaded your attached program but didn´t find any Daq Assistant for digital output. So I can´t reproduce your error, but I hope the information above helps!

Robert S
National Instruments Sweden
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Re: Error 50103

Hi Ray,
Thanx alot for your help. I had problems with this for long and my project is due next week so was very worried, but I came up with a solution as I tried to fiddle around with my VI. The problem was that the output from my Traffic light was true or false and the DAQ output required an array of data. So put the output as an array and now its working fine. Now all I am left with is to connect the hardware and I will be up and running. Thanx alot once again to you and to the software that made my project much simpler than it would have been.
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Re: Error 50103 on PID Control shipped example


Can't figure this thing why it does not cut it? Always having the same error?


Berns B.
Bernardino Jerez Buenaobra
Senior Test and Systems Development Engineer
Test and Systems Development Group
Integrated Microelectronics Inc.- Philippines
Fax/Data: +632772-4944
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Re: Error 50103 on PID Control shipped example

Hi Berns-

Please see my response here.


Tom W
National Instruments
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