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Error 50010

Error 50010

We have a system set up to run on a NI 6221 and have not had problems with the device before this point. There were some concerns about the power supply within the computer, so the case was opened recently and the PCI card removed and then reinserted, but nothing major was changed with the system. After getting everything back together and running it, we experienced the following errors when running the standard vi program. (Error popup when initiating 'Run' for vi operation):


Error- 200251 occurred at DAQmx start

possible reasons:

no dma channels are available

either shut down other tasks that might be using these channels or consider changing your data transfer mechanism to interrupts

Device: Dev1

Task Name:_unnamed Task<3>


In looking at the Measurement and automation explorer, an option for self test on the NI PCI-6221: "Dev1" was run and it resulted in the following error pop-up:


the device self test has failed. the error report from the device driver is as follows:

Error - 50010 occurred at self test

possible reasons:

the specified offset is out of range for read operations. the operation could not be completed as specified


In looking online at other forum topics for this error message, it seems that the common suggestion is to update the drivers. However, our system is very old and we would like to find a solution that will work until the system can be replaced in the near future. Getting it back to running would also be very helpful since we would then be able to check that the new system we have works in the same manner as the old one.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


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Re: Error 50010

That error is hardware-startup related.  Usually shutting down the system then removing and inserting into another slot or the same slot fixes the issue.  Let me know what happens.



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Re: Error 50010

Pulling the card out and re-inserting it fixed the vi's.


Thank you so much for the quick response, hopefully it will remain working untill we get its replacement all together.


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