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Good afternoon,

i'm new to NI technology and having trouble to find my way in selecting a proper PCI card.

We need to replace an old PCI-MIO-16XE-10 card.

E, M, S, X series ? 

NI PCI-6030E, 6036E, NI PCI-6013, 6040, PCI-6221, 6011E, PCI-6281, PCI-6221..... ?


Could someone help me out? Where can I find a good overview on this site?

I'm also looking to calibrate an analog output on the PCI-MIO-16XE-10 card via the "measurement & automation explorer". Is this possible and if yes, is there an online guidedoc available?

What's the expense for NI support engineer to help me out (worst case: on site in belgium) with replacing old board with new board?


thanks in advance and best regards,



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You can go to and if know the specifications (channels, sample rate, etc) find a suitable replacement. It costs nothing to call NI or your local sales engineer. You will need to determine which daq driver that your software uses. The obsolete traditional daq driver does not support many of the current devices so your software would require considerable changes. NI does not provide this service.
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Good morning,

thank You for Your answer.

Because I'm new in this, it's a lot of work to analyse NI PCI-6030E PCI card I/O's and more (we have more than one production test unit), and because NI has a lot of experience and knowledge, They should know which current PCI card is the best fit for the obsolete one.


thx & best regards,


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Hi koen.



We have sales engineeers ready to help you with your upgrade. I would recommand you to give them a call:

National Instruments Belgium nv

Ikaroslaan 79

1930 Zaventem

Tel.: 02/757 00 20

Fax: 02/757 03 11

info.belgium@ni.comni belgium


They are also more than happy to visit you, where you can discuss your setup and show them your lab. And that doesn't cost you anything 🙂


Let me know if you have any further questions.


Best Regards

Alex E. Munkhaus
Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)
System Engineer
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Good afternoon,

ok, thank You for the proposal.

Because we have the older obsolete NI PCI cards in use, we will have to upgrade in the future.

We have also new NI PCI cards in use (from external partner).

I will surely take contact if necessary. It can become urgent, because it concerns prodcution test units.

Production starts again after 2 weeks vacation on 3 august, but I will probably be in NI online education from 5 august for 4 days.


In my current analysis, I take at least 2 possibilities to replace our NI PCI-6030E (PCI-MIO-16XE-10), namely:

6321 for 610 Euros

or 6232 for 1170 Euros

or 6010 for 380 Euros


I don't see NI PCI card 6221 on the NI DAQ site list, although our external partner uses this card (perhaps also become obsolete; still to investigate)


thanks anyway,


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