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Driver for PCI 6221

I am having troubles to make a NI PCI 6221 DAQ board to work. I installed the lastest version of DAQ software, but it seems that the driver for this board is not installed in the computer. What can I or need to check?
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Hi Jeferson,

have a look at this site: - all you need to do is select the right components from the pull down menus --> read the checklist and should be able to work with your board right away.

Good luck and b/r


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You can check what National Instruments software is installed on your system in two places.  In Measurement & Automation Explorer, under 'My System', expand the 'Software' section.  This will show all National Instruments software, including drivers, installed on your computer.  For the NI PCI 6221, you will need the NI-DAQmx driver installed.  You can also verify the installation of any National Instruments software through the Add/Remove Programs menu of the Control Panel.  In the list of programs installed on your computer, find the entry for National Instruments Software and select 'Change'.  This will show you a dialog box listing all of the National Instruments software on your computer and allow you to repair an installation or completely remove a piece of software from your computer.  Note: Some of the control panel menus might look slightly different depending on your Operating System.

When you have ensured that the NI-DAQmx driver is installed on your system, all you need need to do is power down your computer, install the NI PCI 6221 in a PCI slot of your computer, and restart your computer.  Windows will automatically detect the new hardware and start the New Hardware Wizard.  In Windows XP, usually the Wizard first asks to connect to the internet to find the driver for the device.  Select 'No, Not at this time.'  Then, allow the wizard to install the driver automatically for the device, and you should be good to go. 

If you have any more specific questions or problems, reply to this post and hopefully we can help you get up and running.

Travis Gorkin
Applciations Engineering
National Instruments
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Stefan / Travis,
Thank you for your advice. the PC I was using had a Windows 2000. By some reason, I had problems in getting the system to recognize the board. So, I tried in another PC, with Windows XP, and it worked! And did everything in the same way as before...
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Dear all,


what shall i do to install driver of NI PCI 6221 to a windows 7 64 bit system. i coult not success.

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I'm trying to install NI PCI 6221 in Windows 10 PC.

I'm connecting PCI to BNC 2090A.

I'm not bale to check if the driver is installed. 

Kindly help.


Thanks in advance!

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You just need DAQmx installed.  For Windows 10, I think you should have at least DAQmx 16.0 installed.  But you also need a version that is compatible with the application you are using.  I'm not sure what else you are looking for.

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