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Device with C program not shown

Dear All,


I already tried to ask this question in the PXI-Topic without success.

And National Instruments doesn't seem to be willing to give support (service ID ?).

Perhaps somebody can help me here.


So to the problem:


We have here a PXIe-1078 PXI-Chassis with five cards (see NI MAX screen shot).


I want to use/control the PXIe-5172 A/D-Card with a C++ program and the DAQmx c library.
I use: "...Shared/ExternalCompilerSupport/C/lib64/msvc/NIDAQmx.lib"
and "...Shared\ExternalCompilerSupport\C\include"
#include <NIDAQmx.h>


I just use the command "DAQmxGetSysDevNames" to show the available devices.

Actually that is the whole test program. It compiles without an error.

But as output I only see the SimDev1 and the Timing I/O card in the last slot (see screen shot).
So I don't get access to the A/D-Card. The SimDev1 works with reading from a voltage channel.

We have another separate PXI-Chassis here with various Cards. And it's the same issue here. Not all cards are shown.


As I don't get any error and actually one device in the pxi chassis is shown, this looks pretty strange to me.
Can anybody help me? Any idea what's goes wrong? Do you need more information?


Thank you.


Kind regards,


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The PXIe-5172 is an oscilloscope device so I would expect it uses the NI-SCOPE driver, not DAQmx. You would need to install NI-SCOPE if you haven't already, and the C/C++ examples for it.


I use a PXIe-5110 with my PXIe-1078 chassis and I use the NI-SCOPE API to control it.

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That's it.

Thank you very much!

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