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DaqCard-6036e compatible devices?

minor background issue - I down-graded my Windows package from Vista to XP so that I could use my DaqCard-6036e module.  Windows did not automatically find it so I had to install it manually.  It doesn't seem to be "plug-n-play".
Now, I'm having 2 major issues;
The 6036e is showing up in MAX but only under the 'NI-DAQmx Devices' list.  It will not come up under 'Traditiona NI-Daq'.
When I view the 6036e properties and try to select my SC-2345 device so that I can connect it to the 6036e, it is not listed in the drop down menu. 
The only devices available are as follows; BNC-2090, BNC-2090A, BNC-2110, BNC-2111, BNC-2120, CB-68LP, CB-68LPR, CB-68T, SC-2042RTD, SC-2043-SG, SC-2060, SC-2061, SC-2062, SC-2075, SCB-68, SCC-68, TBX-68 & TBX-68T.
How do I connect my SC-2345 to the DAQCard-6036e?

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First up, try installing /reinstalling the latest versions of DAQmx and Traditional DAQ on your PC

Then plug in your card and see if it is detected in the traditional DA and DAQmx devices and Interfaces folders

Are you doing as instructed here to get your SC 2345 in DAQmx??

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Hi chris-

Since it sounds like you're just getting started with programming, I would strongly suggest that you use NI-DAQmx.  The advantages of NI-DAQmx over Traditional NI-DAQ are many and are documented extensively on

That said, in NI-DAQmx the SC-2345 is considered a seperate device rather than as a simple accessory for the DAQ device.  In order to create one, right-click on Devices and Interfaces in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) and choose the following option:


After that, the popup configuration window will guide you through the rest of the process.

Hopefully this helps-

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Tom W
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Thank You very much for the help.


Yes, I'd still consider myself a newbie to LabView, I've taken Basic 1&2 and gotten my feet wet but I wouldn't consider myself a LabView Vet or expert by any means... I'm "dangerous" enough to get the job done 😉


I had the SC-2345 installed already and that was where the problem was.  Once I deleted the device from my system, when I re-added it I had the option to connect it using the 6036e as my cabled device.


Once again, thank you very much for the help!


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