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DAQmxRead memory full

Dear Mr. Pettersson,


First of all, thank you for your time.

This is my first experience with DAQ and I totally understand that it's not easy to de-bug a so badly written software.

I'm learning a lot and I really appreciate your help.


I followed your advice and now the code (attached in this message) is build accordingly.

However, it still doesn't work fluently. By trying the whole day, I can say that it crashes on average after 6 executions (or 6 iterations of the for-loop).

This time the error displaied is the following :

DAQmxStopTask - Task "Meas" - (-50410) No more space in the buffer when new data was written

This error always occurs at the "StopTask" I place after the DAQmxRead (First row of commands)


Again, I want to emphasize that this error does not occurs at each execution, but only after 5-6 executions. After that I need to re-start the computer.


To properly run the Loop Vi I set the boolean "Done" that should make it safe.


The DAQmx driver is the 6.9.2.


Hope my learning curve is steep enough 😄

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I forgot,

to make it more clear I attached a rough time schedule of what my goal is.


I need to apply a Bias,

after some time send a pulse and start the measurement.



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Hi OresteMadia,


Can I ask what PCI device are you using?


The problem is probably generated by the Start Digital Edge node. Some DAQ cards don't support unbuffered hardware timed triggering which can lead to overflow errors.


Also, what kind of sample rate are you using?


Best regards,

Rasmus Pettersson

Application Engineer | National instruments

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I have a PCI-6251. And the date is now set tot 1 Mhz.

I'm interested in the first 50 - 100 msec of signal.

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