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DAQmx continuous output with sync pulse

Hi all,


I'm losing my mind over what should be a pretty simple task on a USB-6221: I'm looking for any functionality similar to a "sync output" on a standard function generator.


I can successfully generate a continuous waveform on one of the analog outputs, and this then runs continuously in the background with no way for me to know what step (phase) it's currently on, and I cannot afford to waste an analog input to do the usual edge triggering. Is it possible to use any of the outputs on this thing to provide a pulse every time the loop starts over? 


I have been able to get a single trigger pulse out of PFI0 from 'ao/StartTrigger', but this is only once at the start of the output. Is there something like an 'ao/SyncPulse' with which I could do what I want? I have also banged my head against digital outputs (I can only change their values via software commands) and counters (I can't get any output from these), but the documentation on them (especially in python) is super slim and I have little experience. 


I would be extremely grateful for any example code remotely pushing me in the right direction, even if it's buggy or in a different language. Or any buzzwords that can put me on the right track.


Thanks in advance!


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