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DAQCard-AI-16E-4 digital i/o errors

Our lab has recently acquired a DAQCard-AI-16E-4, which we are using for
acquisition and control of neurophysiological experiments.
Our desired setup is to be able to control stimulus generation with the digital
i/o lines, and acquire on the analog input.
We are using the Matlab DAQ Toolbox to control the board. Our problem is
that an intermittent fault occurs when using the digital i/o: the error
response reads something like
NIDAQ: The digital i/o line does not support the requested information direction.
The lines have been configured for output. The kicker is that the i/o will
work for some time, then the error message will occur. If the i/o is configured
by the command line interface, and the lines are ch
anged the same way, the
problem does not seem to occur. However, when executing these commands in
the body of our acquisition code, the message occurs, but not all the time.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Not much info to go on, I know,
but we are kind of lost in terms of how to proceed on the debugging.
Dave Towers
Cognition and Neural Systems
University of Arizona
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