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Multifunction DAQ

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DAQ software installation

I am going through the NI DAQ Software Suite 4.5 to set-up the DAQ on my computer. The prompt is telling me to "Enter all serial numbers for the products in this installer that you want to install." I have tried entering several different serial numbers I've found on the DAQ and on the box, but none of the numbers are valid. What do I do?

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I have no idea what you are trying to install. There is no DAQ Software Suite that I have heard of.. There is NI-DAQmx but no version 4.5. The latest is 9.9 at and that does not require a serial number.

Are you really talking about the Developer Suite? That would install LabVIEW and whatever other products you purchased. Those serial numbers have nothing to do with a DAQ card. A version of 4.5 does make any sense to me, though.
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I attached a screenshot of the prompt, so maybe that will help.

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That's myDAQ. That serial number does not follow the NI standard and wouldn't be on the hardware, as far as I know. I suggest you post to the academic board or contacting NI directly.
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I don't remember having to put in a serial number when I did the myDAQ back in February.  Try just leaving it blank and see what happens.

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I am trying to install NI-DAQmx 9.7.5 and am getting an "unknown error".

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Greetings anthonytony


Have you tried installing the latest version of the NI DAQmx driver? You can download it from this link.


If it doesn’t work, I would recommend you verify that no remnants of the last installation remain and also cleaning the Windows registry. Let us know if your problem persists.


Warm Regards,

Luis J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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