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DAQ recognition

I took a perfectly good system running Windows95, Labview4.0, and
NI-DAQ4.9 on a Pentium-based computer with an AT-MIO-16DE-10 DAQ board
and tried to install Labview5.1 and NI-DAQ6.5. Now the computer does
not recognize the existence of the DAQ board despite the fact it is
supposed to be Plug-n-Play. I have tried uninstalling, installing Lv5.1
with NI-DAQ6.1, Lv5.1 with NI-DAQ4.9, and even reinstalling Lv4.0 with
NI-DAQ4.9, but the computer just doesn't see the board. The driver for
the AT-MIO-16DE-10 doesn't appear with NI-DAQ 6.5 or 6.1 so I understand
that it is likely that these versions don't support this board anymore,
but it does appear in 4.9 and that still doesn't explain why I can't
even return to my original configuration.
Any idea what happened here
and how to fix it? My email is Thanks.

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