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Configuring Load Cell

I'm new to Data Aquisition Systems, I'm trying to take force measurements from a load cell (Z compression Cell) and using a USB 6009.  How can I do this and what are the steps involved? I'm using Labview 7.1.
Thank you much!
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A load cell that is connected to a suitable Excitation circuit, gives a variation in its voltage output wharever a load is applied.

You USB card has 8 analog inputs, you can measure your load cell voltage on any one of the AI channels

Use any analog input voltage acquisition VI's that's shipped in labVIEW examples for acquiring from that channel.

All you have to do is measure this variation in voltage on your Analog input channel( First check if this voltage is within your DAQ card's input range limits), scale it using any relevant conversion techinque and display load in its engineering units.

if you need any further clarifications, ask in detail



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You may not be able to do that correctly.  Typically, a load cell will put out microvolt changes with changes in load.  Depending on your load cell, you will probably need something with an input range of 20mV or 50mV.  You could always get an external signal conditioner.  I have used one from Omega for a load cell, and it worked well.  It amplified the signal for the DAQ card.
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Hello, I am looking into measuring and logging a load cell with USB 6009, can this be done without amplifier ?, All I get is noise and no variation  in the graph when I apply load on the load cell.  

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