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Configure_HW_Analog_Trigger command

 I have problem with programming NI-DAQ sample program using Ni-DAQ 6036E Series.
 I use Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and NI-DAQ 7.0.1 .
 I have problem with sample program is DAQsingleBufAnalogTrig.
 DAQsingleBufAnalogTrig with command like this :
 iStatus% = Configure_HW_Analog_Trigger(iDevice%, ND_ON, lLowValue&, lHighValue&, ND_ABOVE_HIGH_LEVEL, ND_THE_AI_CHANNEL)
 iRetVal% = NIDAQErrorHandler(iStatus%, "Configure_HW_Analog_Trigger", iIgnoreWarning%)

 NI-DAQ Error Message:
 error -10403.
 the specified dvice does not support request action (the driver recogenize the device,but the action is inappropriate for the device)
 my question is :
 Did not support Ni-DAQ 6036E is Configure_HW_Analog_Trigger command ?
 Thank you for your attention.
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I find this in the manual for the 6034/5/6E:
Digital Trigger
Compatibility TTL
Response Rising or falling edge
Pulse width 10 ns min

Trigger lines 7

There seems to be no mention of analog triggering.
John Weeks

WaveMetrics, Inc.
Phone (503) 620-3001
Fax (503) 620-6754
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Thank you for your enquiry. Actually, analog triggering is not supported in 6036E. This is the reason you are getting the error messege.

To view a list of compatible trigger types for different DAQ devices, please refer to the following link:

Thank you.

Tanvir Islam

Application Engineer

National Instruments, Japan


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That's a great link, Tanvir.

NI has so much of this kind of help- any tips on finding it when you need it?
John Weeks

WaveMetrics, Inc.
Phone (503) 620-3001
Fax (503) 620-6754
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Hi John-

The easiest way is just to search on  I turned up that KB as the second link by searching for "analog triggering 6036e".  If you ever find a resource you think would be found more easily by updating the keywords, by all means let us know.  We want KBs, Developer Zone articles, and example programs to be helpful AND easy to find.Smiley Happy


Tom W
National Instruments
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