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Bugs in MAX


I encountered something that i think a bug in MAX.

connected to cDAQ, and the when i run the self test on the main (on the hostname) it shows that the self test is successful.

but when i run the self test individually, i found out that 1 of the module is damaged and need to be repaired.


why the error has not appeared when run the self test at the hostname at the fist place?


It's a bug.

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Hi Toyan,


When you run self-test on the cDAQ chassis, DAQmx only tests communication between your computer and the chassis. This is the intended behaviour.


You could write a little VI that self-tests a chassis and all the modules in it. With a DAQmx Device Property Node, there is a property called Chassis.ModuleDeviceNames that will give you an array of modules. You could index through the array and self test each of them.



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