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16E-4 Multiple AI Task


I am converting some old traditional-DAQ codes to a new code using DAQmx,

however, while debugging the new program, an error with error code #50103 will popup while executing multiple AI tasks on 16E-4 board.

I searched the error code, the most likely explanation should be: 

  • Concurrently running two or more analog input or analog output tasks.


However, I am pretty sure that in the original traditional-DAQ code, these two tasks are executing at the same time!

And these two channels have different sampling rate, sample number and triggering specifications.


Is it because of the new DAQmx has been no longer support multiple tasks?

Or is there any other options for this?


Thank you very much!

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You couldn't have two parallel acquisitions in traditional DAQ either since the device has a single convert clock.
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