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10459 Error

I am trying to program on one computer that has VB6 Studio and two PCI-6031E installed for a different computer that has a single PCI-6229 installed.  I can compile the VB6 program onto the secondary computer with the 6229 but when I run it I get "Error 10459, Configuring channels.  The NI-DAQ DLL could not be called due to an interface error.  Install the NI_DAQ driver."

The 6229 computer had the software installed from Oct/05 and has been updated to the most current versions of all the DLL's and software and works fine with Measurement and Automation.

Any ideas?  I feel like I'm missing something simple here.

Message Edited by vkeris on 07-20-2006 11:21 AM

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Hi vkeris,

You are correct, it is possible that it is something very simple.

The 6229 is a (relatively) new M series card, which is only compatible with the latest drivers (NI-DAQmx). In the case of the older E series, they are compatible with both the new NI-DAQmx and the legacy Traditional NI-DAQ. From your error, it seems that you were programming in Traditional NI-DAQ, which would cause the error you are seeing. That second computer probably does not have Traditional DAQ installed, or cannot detect any Traditional NI-DAQ compatible hardware.

The way to verify is to see if your PCI-6031E was programmed using Traditional NI-DAQ (which seems to be the case, since your error code mentions NI-DAQ and not NI-DAQmx). If so, then it will not work with the 6229.

Please let us know what you find.

Best regards,

Nathan Yang
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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