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0x80004005 when writing to a remote DB server



I have an labview application using continuous measurement of sensors which writes to a remote server via internet. Lately I am getting this error 0x80004005 and the recording stops which then needs manual restart when we login to check if everything is working fine or not. The frequency is high and I dont think its becaouse of the network. Can some one help with the trouble shooting



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Hi rajcerc,


Which protocol are you using to connect to your server? Are you using a database or database tools in your VI? Is it working for a specific amount of time before you get this error or is this happening on the first "iteration" of your code?


I found these two KnowledgeBase articles related to the error number you are getting - if they are not relevant, having more information regarding your overall VI's architecture, communication protocol as well as OS/LabVIEW versions would help.

1. What Does Error -2147467259 Mean When Connecting to an Oracle Database?

2. Error -2147467259 from Database VI on Windows 7 64-bit


Hope this helps!

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