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Reading data through NI PCIe-8381 in Visual C++

I would like to seek some guidance in accessing NI PCIe-8381 card using Visual C++.
The issue is that I need to read the data in my C/C++ application directly through the PCI-8381 card instead of LabView. This card is plugged in a general purpose PC and this card is connected to NI PXI-8381 card in PXI station.
I read online that DAQmx library lets you access NI cards this way, but I couldn't find any reference for PCIe-8381 as a support device.
Any guidance/help would be highly appreciated.
Kind Regards,

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The PCIe-8381 is transparent, which means you don't need to configure it or pay any attention to it.  Communication passes through it automatically.  As long as the devices show up in Measurement and Automation Explorer then you're good.


Using C/C++ doesn't depend on whether you're using the PCIe-8381 (or any MXI kit), nor on which chassis you're using.  Variations in the configuration change the default names of devices but not the way you interact with them.  The change from LabVIEW to C/C++ is the key difference.


Good luck.


- Robert

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