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C sample to send CAM Message via Xnet and USB-8502 device

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We have an USB-8502 with one CAN port. We are using it to communicate with an automobile ECU. We can successfully send and receive messages using NI-XNET Bus Monitor.


Now we need to make a C application to exchange custom CAN messages with the ECU via the USB-8502. Could you please help us with an sample code ?

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Hi Lahcen27,


You can find C examples in the XNET driver folders following this file path: C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-XNET\Examples\MS Visual C\CAN >> then choose an appropriate example for your application. 

More information about the XNET C examples can be found here:
Getting Started - NI-XNET 16.0 Help  



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Hi Erika,


Thank you for your reply.


OK I'll see the forlder.


The link you sent cannot be open. I get the " Page Error" message. But I searched for "Getting Started - NI-XNET 16.0 Help"  in the search bar, then I found the the right page. Thanks !


Best regards


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