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labjack u3 connect with matlab

i have complicated problem which i wants using the matlab for labjack U3-HV. How i want to this project with load cell coding because i still new learner about labjack

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LabJack is not a National instruments product. Maybe there is a more suitable place elsewhere to ask your questions.


Here is a link to LabJack support .


You should also be more specific and explain the issue. There a billions of possible "complicated problems" so you need to narrow it down a little bit. 

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You're describing problems with two products "MATLAB" and "LabJack" which have no ties to the "NI" Discussion Forum and "Measurement Studio for .NET Languages" board.

Soliton Technologies

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okay thank your for the feedback

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As a starting point for your question, note that the U3 requires external amplification in order to achieve adequate resolution for load cell measurements. We recommend using our LJTick-InAmp accessory for load cell measurements on the U3. Other LabJack devices like our U6, T7, and T8 have built in amplification suitable for load cell measurements. We have some additional guidance on load cell measurements in the following application note:


We do support MATLAB on the U3. We have examples and related information on the following page:


I would recommend contacting our technical support directly for further assistance. The following page has our various technical support contact options:


Sorry for the delayed reply. We were closed on the 24th and 25th for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S.

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