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WPF Writable graph data point spacing

It seems like this should be obvious... And probably is if I only knew what terminology to look for. 


I am using the WPF NI Graph. The scales and data point spacing will very depending on settings but for simplicity lets say that I have a horizontal scale going from 0 to 40 and a double array of Y values with 4000 data points. So I have 100 points evenly spaced points for evey 1 increment.


How do I change the graphs point spacing so that the 4000 data points fit between 0 and 40?


I have the horizonal scale set to double but there doesn't appear to be a way to specify and interval or spacing.



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From your description, it sounds like you are providing a graph with a double[] of samples, and you want to specify a custom interval to replace the array index values currently used by the graph.

To do this, there are two basic approaches. You can use a collection that provides the appropriate position information explicitly (i.e. a Point[], ChartCollection<double,double>, or similar). Or you can implement a custom ScaleKind that transforms the incoming values before doing a standard mapping.

~ Paul H
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Ok, thanks!  I hoped to avoid needing to explcitly create an array for horizonta data, but it is work fine.


Thanks again!

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