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Need information/example on AIChannel.PerformBridgeShuntCalibration

I have been attempting to enable shunt calibartion for a cDAQ 9237 with 9944 completion resistors through VB.NET.  I have been unable to locate any mention of the function "PerformBridgeShuntCalibration" on the web or in this forum, it is also not used in the examples.  Has anyone used this feature with vb.NET or c# ?


It appears there are quite a few "AIChannel.Calibration...." functions, that are pre-requisites.  I am down to the option of trial and error not only to set these functions, but determine where in the aquisition or task build i should be using them.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, below are snips from our software to set the stage for this question, we are creating channels 0,1,2 in a loop.




            For I = 0 To 2
                'Add Strain Channel.
                configTask.AIChannels.CreateStrainGageChannel("cDAQ1Mod1/ai" + I.ToString, _
                                                                                          DefaultColumnNames.uStr + I.ToString, _
                                                                                        ChMin, ChMax, _
                                                                                        AIStrainGageConfiguration.QuarterBridgeI, _
                                                                                        AIExcitationSource.Internal, _
                                                                                        ExcitationVoltage, ActiveGageFactors(I), InitialBridgeVoltage, GageResistance, PoisonsRatio, LeadWireResistance, _

'Sample clock can only be configured after a channel is added, but it only needs to be configured once. If I = 0 Then ' Configure the sample clock - Sample clock is required for PerformBridgeOffsetNullingCalibration configTask.Timing.ConfigureSampleClock("", SampleRate, SampleClockActiveEdge.Rising, SampleQuantityMode.ContinuousSamples, SampleCount) End If 'Preform offset nulling on strain channels 'If a gage is broken or wire is loose this will cause a crash. configTask.AIChannels(I).PerformBridgeOffsetNullingCalibration() 'Shunt Calibration: configTask.AIChannels(I).CalibrationDate = Date.Now.AddDays(-1) configTask.AIChannels(I).CalibrationExpirationDate = Date.Now.AddDays(1000) configTask.AIChannels(I).CalibrationScaleType = AIChannelCalibrationScaleType.Polynomial configTask.AIChannels(I).CalibrationEnable = True configTask.AIChannels(I).BridgeShuntCalibrationEnable = True configTask.AIChannels(I).PerformBridgeShuntCalibration(100000, ShuntElementLocation.R3, GageResistance)
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