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NIDAQMX .Net Core 6 support



.NET Core 6 is out and stable, and we are updating to this all our applications and frameworks


The only driver that we are missing is the National DAQMX

Anyone knows about a roadmap ? a date of publishing for DAQMX on .NET 6 ?


If nothing happens, we will have to drop all our installations and change to a different supplier/hardware

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We are in the same situation at our business.   Our parent company is struggling with this lack of support from NI as well.  


.NET Core 7.0 is released, but NI is still on .NET Framework 4.5.1?  Can we at least have the dll signatures to implement our own wrapper for NI-VISA and DAQmx?  


For VISA we are planning to use the RsInstrument nuget package by Rohde & Schwarz.  I could not find any other visa32.dll wrappers.  What did you find? 


I made an account just to post this.



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You might get a better response through a support ticket or your NI Sales Engineer or Account Manager.

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I got an official statement from a NI manager a month ago.


They target the support of ".NET Core" (we should drop that denomination when we talk of .NET 5 and above) for most used drivers at least till the end of 2023, but they start with DAQmx so chances are high that this will be supported mid 2023.

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That is great news!  Thanks M.B.

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